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Personal Transformation Intensive Workshop

Five Weekends to Change Your Life

The Personal Transformation Intensive is a powerful personal growth/therapy program for anyone seeking to live life to its fullest. PTI is an innovative adjunct to individual therapy because it takes people further in their healing process than they can possibly go in a one-on-one setting. The Personal Transformation Intensive ( PTI) workshop uses techniques that allow participants to heal and resolve issues on deeper levels.


This is an EXPERIENTIAL WORKSHOP  designed to give you answers you have been looking for. We meet for five weekends over a five month period, providing a loving  and accepting environment for the challenge of profound personal growth.

Each weekend addresses a specific area of personal wellness that builds on the next. This model increases the participants intimacy with each other allowing for a fully integrated and supportive therapeutic community.

Weekend 1: Codependency

Weekend 2: Addictions

Weekend 3: Sexual Abuse

Weekend 4: Mind/body Connection

Weekend 5: Healthy Relationships/ Completion ( Grief/Loss)

Through the use of a variety  of Heart-Centered trance techniques, you will learn to open up to your higher self

(soul) and to discover a much broader aspect of who you really are and what your purpose is on earth.

  • Hypnotherapy: A dramatic combination of traditional hypnosis, Gestalt approaches, and energy work.

  • Breath Therapy: Sometimes called "conscious connected breathing" or "rebirthing" integrates one's emotional, physical and spiritual healing.

  • Energetic Psychodrama: A powerful form of psychodrama that incorporates trance work and energy work within a traditional psychodrama format.

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